Increasing PR Efforts in Michigan Lakefront Real Estate

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Given that we are a full service PR marketing firm, we are always looking for new ways to reach new audiences and customers with the services they are looking for.

After all, if you customer can’t find you, how are you supposed to get their business? Answer: you won’t!

But, with all of the focus on new technologies and the Internet, many small businesses have lost sight of the most important thing of all: face-to-face, personal interaction.

Nowhere is this most essential than in the real estate market.

Reputation is Key in Lakeshore Real Estate

The real estate industry is particularly competitive. There are dozens, if not hundreds, or different agents in almost every geographical region in the country, and they are all looking for a slice of the pie.

It’s important to focus on all new and developing strategies, but sometimes companies overshoot the trend to forget about what important in the first place. Companies will place such an emphasis on getting new leads or new potential buyers that they forget about the interested buyers they already have and then they lose the sale.

As I said, this is particularly relevant in realty. When people go to buy their first home, they are looking for someone that they can trust. They don’t want a real estate agent that is trying to scam them and place them into an old, dilapidated home.

They want an honest agent that is willing to be truthful with then and get them the right home for them. After all, a home is usually the biggest purchase of anyone’s life.

And if you are buying some kind of home on lake Michigan, it will be even more important to find a good realtor.

Waterfront Properties Sellers

If you thought the residential real estate market was competitive, just wait until you see the waterfront real estate market in Michigan.

There are many different companies that specialize only in waterfront properties because they are very niche and specific listings and you really need to know your market in order to be successful in the space.

Companies like Coldwell Banker, Greenridge Realty, and J. Harpe Michigan Lakeshore are all in the space and deal primarily in lakefront homes exclusively.

These are people who have been in the business 30 plus years, and in that time they have developed a personal relationship with many of their clients and customers.

Real estate is a special type of industry too, because you will oftentimes have years worth of interaction with customers before you ever make a sale because as I said above, buying a home is a huge commitment for people.

It’s not just something that you wake up and decide you will buy a new house. You need to budget, find a home that fits within your budget and meets your needs, and you future needs, so a real estate agent helps you with all of this and find the houses that you can afford in your area.

The key takeaway from all of this is as realtors, you need to always remember who your end customer is and to put them first in your business model. Don’t ever let the impersonal nature of technology cause you to lose site of personal relationship that people need from their real estate agents.

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